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Overcome inconsistency in your spiritual growth and bring more glory to God with your life!

Meet Your Instructors

Darryl Burling

Darryl specializes in theology and the practice of devotions

He created the amazing Master New Testament Greek program

And he will be teaching you Foundations of Personal Transformation

Reagan Rose

I'm the creator of Redeeming Productivity

And I help believers learn to better steward their time for God's glory.

I'll be teaching POWER Mornings, the morning routine for productive Christians.

This Black Friday

We've teamed up to bring you a deal that will give you clarity about how to grow spiritually. and have consistency in your daily routine.

There are two major struggles that Christians face that hinder their spiritual growth. 

I (Reagan) address #1 first...

MAJOR STRUGGLE #1: Not having a consistent morning routine

Without a morning routine that sets you up for the day spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally, you’re on the back foot when it comes to growth. 

Ultimately, you only have a few “expendable” hours each day. The rest is dedicated to work, sleep, family, and other responsibilities. Even if you are blessed with more time on your hands than most, without a routine, there will be no consistent spiritual growth in your life. 

A morning routine will take you from… 

  • Having no time to spend with the Lord
  • Feeling like you’re not getting anywhere with your own goals
  • Pushing the activities dedicated to your own growth to the bottom of your to-do list each day
  • Repeatedly experiencing overwhelm, frustration and procrastination

To a life where you’re stewarding your time, energy and resources for maximum growth at the beginning of each day. 

If you want to be a productive Christian who get’s more done for the glory of God, you’re going to love my course:

POWER Mornings Has the "Secret Sauce" for Structuring Your Mornings for Christian Productivity and Growth 

In this course, I teach my secrets for being strategically realistic about the structure of your morning routine. I give you my 5 disciplines that make up a POWER Morning, and do a deep dive on each of the disciplines, teaching you how to get the most value out of each one. 

But the secret sauce really is in the ORDER you do each of these activities. 

The 5 elements of a POWER morning routine will maximize your… 

  • Spiritual Growth 
  • Physical Wellbeing 
  • Organization Skills 
  • Productivity 
  • Intellectual growth

And best of all, I take all of the overwhelm out of it by giving you the exact methods I use to make each discipline as enjoyable and effective as possible… 

Meaning you won’t walk away feeling crushed by having to spend hours each morning doing a bunch of things you don’t enjoy… 

Instead, you’ll walk away with a feeling of “I got this“, and you’ll look forward to each morning because of the time you get to spend with the Lord.

You Can Stop Wondering Whether You're "Really Growing" Spiritually Or Not

But once you've gotten the routine locked in, you still might be struggling with the devotional aspect of your morning routine.

You still might be facing the second major struggle of the Christian life.

That's where Darryl comes in...

MAJOR STRUGGLE #2: Not knowing what spiritual growth is meant to look like.

That’s understandable! 

For years Darryl struggled to do his morning devotional simply because he didn’t understand how it was supposed to help him grow. 

He didn’t connect the dots between all my spiritual disciplines (praying, reading my bible, etc) and experiencing heart change.

Then Darryl went to seminary, and learned a LOT over 8 years of study. He grew in his own walk with the Lord, and through his PhD in Biblical Counseling, learned all about the heart and how it’s central to every human problem.

When you can apply theology to your heart, and use your spiritual disciplines to examine your own heart, you’ll get clarity on what spiritual growth looks like and how you can be working on it daily. 

That’s why… 

Will Teach You Darryl's "Heart First" Theology Concept!

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to think about your heart as central to your spiritual growth
  • How to know from scripture what the Lord’s plan is for YOUR growth
  • Which spiritual disciplines to do regularly and how to involve your heart so that you experience personal transformation
  • The 4-part theology of spiritual growth
  • What to look for in your spiritual growth to see if you’re progressing
  • How to submit to the Lord’s will 
  • What NOT to look for in spiritual growth (trying to measure your growth this way is discouraging!)
  • How spiritual growth helps you deal with life’s struggles 
  • Exactly what I recommend doing regularly for your devotional time
  • How to deal with emotions like guilt, unworthiness, shame, anger, sadness, desire, unwillingness to worship, and so much more
  • What role you play in your spiritual growth and what role the Holy Spirit plays
  • How to deal with stagnancy and setbacks in your spiritual growth
  • How prayer works in your spiritual growth

And so much more!

You Can Stop Wondering Whether You're "Really Growing" Spiritually Or Not

These two courses together are going to give you the practical steps to setting apart time for spiritual growth, and the theological framework you will use to measure your spiritual growth. 

With the combination of theology and practicality, you’re going to know exaclty what to do on a daily basis, how to do it, and why you’re doing it. 

Put an End To Procrastination, Poor Time Management, and Inconsistent Attempts to Create New Habits

Learn the technique for designing a morning routine you will WANT to stick to

Make time for your morning routine without sacrificing sleep

Narrow your focus to just the habits that will move the needle

Maximize the time you set apart for yourself, whether it's 30m or 2.5 hours

Stop yourself from falling off the bandwagon with the "rule of two"

Use the "R" module (POWER) to mature emotionally and know yourself better

Quit wasting time and energy throughout the day by adopting this simple planning technique

Grow in your walk with the Lord by putting Him first

POWER Mornings is delivered on my secure online platform at Redeeming Productivity. It is ready to watch in video format, and comes with a planner so that you can plan out your morning routine as you watch the content.

Make Your Devotional Time A Time Of Personal Transformation By Applying "Heart First" Theology To Your Life

Learn how prayer, bible reading, journaling and meditation all affect the heart

Apply theology to everyday life and relationships

Gain understanding of how the Lord works in your life

Face hardship with firm faith and hope in Christ

Learn how to cope with major issues in life such as physical illness, relationship conflict, repetitive patterns of sin, etc.

Become more effective with prayer

Grow in your ability to share the love of Christ with others

Make quiet time a new experience each day which you look forward to

Experience more peace, joy, and grace in your day-to-day life

Foundations of Personal Transformation is delivered on my platform, Biblical Mastery Academy. It will be delivered over a 4 week period with TWO live calls per week for the next 4 weeks and one pre-recorded video for you to watch, released at the start of each week. All calls will be recorded and posted to the course dashboard so that you can watch the replay. 

Both Courses Are Yours To Keep For Life Once You Purchase!

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POWER Mornings & Foundations of Personal Transformation Bundle

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When you purchase POWER Mornings you also get access to Dr. Foundations of Personal Transformation (a $97 value). FPT is a 4-week live course that will transform your personal devotional time.

POWER Mornings Curriculum

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  How to Wake Up Early Without Feeling Tired
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  How to Keep Prayer a Priority
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  A Bible Reading Plan You'll Actually Stick With
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  Planning for Personal Growth
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  A Game Plan for Consistent Exercise
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  Putting It All Together
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