“If the devil cannot make us bad, he will make us busy.” – CORRIE TEN BOOM

Welcome to Overcommitment: The Problem Productivity Can't Solve.

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People become interested in productivity because they want to get their life under control, manage their time better, and get more done. And certainly, we can all learn to manage our lives better. But often we jump into learning techniques that will give us 1–5% efficiency gains without first asking if inefficiency really is our biggest problem.

We are like drowning people attempting to improve our swimming technique instead of casting off the weights that are causing us to sink. Maybe we have simply taken on more than we can handle.

If you are overcommitted, no productivity technique can help you create more time than you have.

In this training, we are going to try and accomplish three things:

  • Convince you that you're probably doing too many things
  • Help you gain visibility on your present commitments
  • Give you the tools & encouragement to simplify

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